Ahoy! We’re Michael and Tom

...And we’re the creators of the Salsabol!

We're two recent college grads with a passion for design, business, and salsa. Tom is a designer and surfer while Michael is an economist and skier. We started off working every day from opposite sides of the globe in the evenings after our day jobs in order to figure out how to turn a lump of clay and ceramic into an elegant, functioning consumer product. After a long first 18 months, the Salsabol project has turned into a the foundation for our new business. Now, we gladly spend our days saving salsa, one scoop at a time!

The idea of a bowl that would keep salsa from spilling was something we had only joked about during dinner parties with friends. It was one of those “why hasn’t anybody invented this?” ideas, but we never thought anything serious would come of it.

After graduation, we kept kidding around that we should quit our jobs and follow our dream to make the Salsabol a reality. At about the same time, we realized that if we actually put our minds to it, we could stop dreaming and make it happen. In July of 2009 we decided to make the leap of faith to create our own business and bring the Salsabol to life.

The first step began when we transformed an old concept sketch on the back of a napkin into a 3d computer model. From there we had to navigate the complicated world of prototyping, manufacturing, testing, shipping and dragon-slaying.

We’ll never forget the day when we sat down with our very first prototype and a bag of chips and salsa: It actually worked! Trust us; we were just as surprised as you'll be when you experience that first perfect scoop (A very tiny part of your life will never be the same again.) So thanks for visiting. We really appreciate your support. We know you'll enjoy your new ‘bol as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!

And if you'd like to get in touch, you can email us at theguys@salsabol.com. Drop us a line, we'd love to chat!