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Keep the dip on your chip

Picture this: You’re at a party and you want some dip, but you go in for the scoop and a huge chunk of salsa flops onto the table. After a few tries, you’ve got your whole hand in the dip bowl scooping with your fingers.

People are starting to notice, not to mention your favorite shirt looks like it got into a food fight in the produce aisle.

So what do you do now? Do you run home and change? Do you act like you meant to do it? No! You get the Salsabol! It's the bowl with a lip so you don't spill your dip!

Here's how it works:

The Salsabol has a revolutionary lip that curves up and back over the bowl. When you scoop your chip up the high side of the bowl, the lip pushes the salsa or dip back onto your chip.

No more spilled salsa: it’s that easy!

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Help us give back

You already know the Salsabol can clean up salsa spills, but did you know it can also clean up the ocean?

Here at Salsabol HQ, the ocean is a big part of our lives. We live next to it, surf in it, sail in it, enjoy the snow which comes from it--and we want to make sure it continues to stick around in its current magnificent form for awhile yet.

That’s why we're proud to donate 1% of all our proceeds to Oceana, an international nonprofit charity organization which works to protect our oceans for generations to come.

The ocean gives us so much joy and so we’re happy to do our part and give back. Click here to learn more about our charity and involvement!